We guide our clients, in their efforts to:

establish short-term and long-term objectives,
understand basic business operations,
recognize and manage risks,
identify potential problems and opportunities,
explore several approaches to completing activities,
create lasting business/professional relationships,
utilize the professional resources available to them, and,
subsequently to make well-informed decisions.

Making well-informed decisions (goals):

minimize taxes and risk,
maximize profits, efficiency and earnings retention,
evoke timely solutions to various problems/issues,
create business opportunities, and,
achievement of established objectives.


Tax Preparation   (See Listing on the Right)

New Business Establishment

Accounting System Development, Implementation, and Maintenance
(QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks)

Accounting/Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annually)

Compilation Financial Statements

Income Tax Liability Projections

Purchase and Sale Negotiations


Corporations (All Types)

LLCs (Limited Liability Companies)


Individuals/Sole Proprietorships

Payroll: Quarterly and Annual